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Masterproject - Fear of failure

Masterproject 2016

“Faalangst”/"Fear of failure" is a graphic design project based on my personal experiences with fear of failure. This project contains a research of the visualization of the feelings that come along with fear of failure.

The visual research started with experiments about children's drawings in combination with coincidence. I looked back on my own drawings and I organized workshops for children about coincidence in art. Specific "coincidence" techniques were used here. I made a selection of these productions, manipulated them and questioned the aesthetic qualities.

Doubt, negative thoughts and avoidance are three returning elements in my project. I decided pretty fast that typography was the best medium to express these elements.

The output has become a motion graphic, shown on screen, an additional publication and some posters. The visual process is shown in a book.

To see the research of this project visit my blog!

©2016 Malou De Jonghe

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